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kevin berggren has inserted new deed: 2 years ago

I am willing to offer 1 hour of my Intuitive Counselling service to persons in need of a listening ear and an open heart.

I am a former christian minister with counselling experience and have since developed my practice through coursework and experience. I am not a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst or licensed therapist of any kind.

My only motivation is to provide a non-judgemental, free space where people can speak about their emotional, mental and spiritual issues. When appropriate I will simply listen and provide no feedback or counselling. or suggest certain tools or practices which may be of assistance and then teach the person the application of those tools.

The personal development tools I use can be of benefit in coping with or eliminating symptoms of pain, depression, anxiety/panic/fear, grief, shame and guilt.

My service is not for those dealing with severe mental or physical illness requiring the care of a licensed health practitioner.

Please contact me for information and be well and happy.