The Concept

OurDeeds is a social network that helps individuals and businesses showcase their good Deeds. Account holders can also post about positive news or other events going on in the world. These Deeds can be donations that have been completed or are about to be completed. They can be for almost anything! A good Deed can be for staffing, Items, food, volunteering, or money donations. Once the good Deed is completed the receiver of the good Deed endorses the good Deed and the provider of the Deed has their personal page and image page updated to show the Deed and the Deed Dollar value. Users also have the ability to post their social contributions, actions, and events; as well as, their generous Deeds

The Company

OurDeeds inc. is a socially conscious community that was founded in 2015, in Alberta, Canada by founder Nick Bonoff. OurDeeds Inc.’s mission is to see the positive Deeds and experiences of OurDeeds’ users, translated into Deed; to show the world that there are still good people, doing good things everyday. With a world that is filled with: negative news, wars, famine, and more; OurDeeds is determined to be the social media platform for everyone to share the good that is still in this world. The positive experiences and Deeds happening in the world get to be highlighted in OurDeeds’ community to spread positive awareness.

OurDeeds’ Founder, Nick has finished a Social Economics Degree in Europe and has over 12 years of entrepreneurial experience from a number of industries including social studies and marketing. It was through these experiences that have lead Nick to create OurDeeds.

OurDeeds’ Team of young and enthusiastic people is growing! Each team member believes that the generosity and the social contribution of people worldwide is the way to have the biggest impact for a better tomorrow.

OurDeeds’ goal of our social network is to show good Deeds and help make a positive influence for others.