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I teach music under the brand "Rock city music." I teach at my studio in Bowden, Top Note music school in Didsbury, and I am a volunteer at Grandview school as the teacher of the rock band program. My technique is effective, in that I let students choose the music, which I then break down into theory. This approach makes the students more eager to practice, as they are learning to play songs they enjoy.
Over the past few years I have discovered that a great many students want to be able to play, but that private lessons and instrument costs are financially not an option. My belief is that music is an integral part of education, assisting with the development of skills such as mathematical literacy, evolved creativity, and study discipline.
I have, based on this information, turned "Rock City 
Music" into a non-profit organization. With help from the communities, corporate sponsors, and potentially assistance from government arts and education grants, It is now my mission to offer any student the opportunity to pursue music education at costs ranging from suitable donations to "Rock City Music" for those students who have financial means, and also education at no charge to the students who would be otherwise unable to appreciate the benefits of playing music.
As this program is in it's infancy, I am currently attempting to appeal for corporate sponsorship and individuals to come forward with any contribution to this cause. Whether it be financial, or by means of donating any instruments which can be loaned out to students so they can practice building their skills at home.
Please take a moment to share this post, so that this program can reach as many people as possible. To arrange donations. or to join the program as a student, please email me at, or call or text me at 403-586-1780.

Thank you, 
Tom Cleevely

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