Welcome to OurDeeds, a Social Media Platform that allows you to share about the generous Deeds and social contributions you take part in on a regular basis.
The concept 
OurDeeds is a social network that helps individuals and businesses showcase their good deeds. Account holders can post about positive news or other events going on in the world. Posting Deeds ("offering" or "looking for"), can be donations that have been completed or they're about to be completed. They can be for almost anything!  A good Deed can be for staffing, Items, food, volunteering, or money donations. 
Once the good deed is completed, the recipient endorses the owner of this deed or item. Owner's ( person, company or organisation) profile updates automatically and shows the image of done deeds as a "Deeds dollar value".
How it works 
- Let’s bring some hope back into this world! 
You can post items on the classifieds section to give away free items. Each item has a value associated with it, in Deed Dollars, so you can post about that time you: gave away your old car to a family in need; donated money to the Food Bank; or paid that outstanding energy bill for a struggling student. A Deed Dollar tracks the retail value of the item you are listing and does not represent actual currency. Every Deed you post can be tracked in your personal account; the more good Deeds you are doing the better you are leaving your community and this world. Keep up the good work! Let us celebrate your kindness with you, in your online community, OurDeeds.
Where do I go and what do I do?
On our Home Page you will see the Social Networking Feed. OurDeeds’ community posts their Deeds, interactions they’ve had events to be aware of, positive stories, and more, in this feed.
On this page you can find the links to the following sections: Profile, Members, Friends, Groups, Photos, Videos, Events, etc. Use these links to navigate the website.
You can use your OurDeeds account for general statuses like you would on Facebook, but the heart of OurDeeds is to share the positive, good Deeds, and events happening around your city and throughout our world. As we share our good Deeds, we will be spreading positive throughout in our community and the world.
When you select the “Deeds” heading on the Home Page, you will see the category of all the items that have been posted. All of these items are free, to be given to the person that the individual posting the item chooses. The items are not on a first come first served basis. These items will state the expected value of the item, as decided by the owner, in Deed Dollars. The same rules apply to all items that are posted in the Classified section, regardless of the category.
Once the good Deed is completed, both the recipient and the owner have to assign each other for this Deed or Item.
( owner see “My Deeds” page, and again My Deeds button ) 
The recipient must endorse the Deed or item, to finalise the transaction ( only the recipient will see the endorse/like button, on the deed/item page). This means that the recipient approves the suggested value of the Deed or item and appreciates the actions of the owner.
The owner will then be able to see this transaction on their Profile  as a image of "Deeds dollar value". This image will stay there and will be visible for the other users.
Example: Bob posts that he has a stove, in working order, valued at $400.00 Deed Dollars. Lucy contacts Bob regarding the stove and is chosen to be the recipient of the stove. Bob assigns the item to Lucy, and Lucy endorses this item. The transaction is completed and Bob’s profile will have $400.00 Deed Dollars for a stove listed in his personal page. Lucy receives the stove free of charge.
The value of items or Deeds listed will be reflected in “Deed Dollars,” these dollars will measure the good Deeds of people, which can then be endorsed by others.
Did you know? Your good Deed or item can be in the past and will still count! You and the recipient must have active accounts on OurDeeds and the recipient must endorse the donation, to receive "Deed Dollars Value".
Misconduct of Deed or item posts will be deleted and Deed Dollars will be adjusted.
"My Deeds" page
This is the hub of your personal account. You can post Deeds or items from here, see your status/actions, and assign the recipients for your Deeds or Items.
FAQ Questions for OurDeeds
Can people post deeds that they haven’t completed yet?
Yes! You are welcome to post about Deeds you are planning, as well as ones you completed in the past. Here is an example: posting a Deed about giving out chocolates over Christmas. It is now January 3rd, enter the date you completed the task, December 23rd, and the Deed will show as completed. You could also post a Deed that hasn’t happened yet, such as, handing over the keys to a house for move in day, in two weeks. This Deed will be listed as New.
Don’t forget to Assign your deed to the person you completed the Deed for, whenever possible, to ensure you receive Deed Dollars.
Can people give praise to another person’s good deed?
Sure they can, you have two ways to give praise to another person’s good Deed. The first way is simply by liking their Deed. The second way is to create a new deed in the “My Deeds” section. Under “Category,” select Appreciation, Heroism, or Other. Under the value section, select priceless or none.
Is there a way to communicate in different languages?
Yes, we use Google translate, currently OurDeeds translates into: English, French, and Bulgarian. In the future, as OurDeeds grows, we will be incorporating additional languages.
What is a Deed Dollar? And how does it work?
A Deed Dollar is a representation of the VALUE of the items or services that you are giving away for free. You can track the value or your Deeds on your personal page. 
You are NOT able to trade Deed Dollars or exchange Deed Dollars for money at anytime.